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Truck Repairs & Truck Parts in Mackay


Our shed was purpose built to help the company carry out truck servicing even more efficiently. Improved features of the facility are: larger roller doors which open both sides of the shed allowing for vehicles and trailers to pass through with ease, a large security area for the storage of vehicles, three bays with one service bay having a pit to enable vehicles to be inspected and serviced with ease.


Our services include but are not limited to: –

  • Complete Servicing
  • Truck, Trailer and Bus Repairs
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Transmission Rebuilds
  • Driveline Repairs
  • Auto Electrical Repairs
  • Auto Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Fuel Tanker Repairs
  • Safe Load Pass Approved Inspection Station
  • Hose Testing
  • Electronic ABS diagnosis

What Truck Parts Do You Need?

When you are running a business that relies upon trucks to carry goods from one destination to another, a breakdown can be the start of a nightmare. If you have been struggling to get truck parts in Mackay for your vehicle, then Mackay Truck Parts & Repairs are here to help.

Obtaining parts is the key to making sure that you can get your vehicles back on the road, as good as new, and if you own a truck, trailer or bus, there can be a long delay between the break down and the repair. 

The problem begins when your repair shop needs to source the right parts for the job.

The big fear for any company working with big businesses like coal companies, steel manufacturers, or any other system that requires haulage is a loss of business from truck delays.

If one of your trucks is out for a long time, then you may lose contacts with these businesses. Lost business is clearly not good for your company, and so any delay on parts could be serious. 

Don’t delay with another repair shop that can take months to source parts – Call Mackay Truck Parts & Repairs!

What Are The Negatives Of Choosing Cheaper Parts?

Some truck owners decide that, rather than working with a company that can provide the parts they need quickly, they would prefer to find knockoffs or cheaper alternatives to the spares required.

This might seem like a cheaper option, but most truck teams will tell you that it is a false economy because the parts might not sit correctly, and could break or cause damage to surrounding components. 

Find A Reliable Supplier!

When you are looking for authentic truck parts in Mackay, your best option is to find a reliable supplier like Mackay Truck Parts & Repairs.

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